School of Performing Arts

Performing Arts greatly help in Physical , Mental and Academic growth . Music , Art and Dance develop abstract reasoning necessary for academic success basically in Mathematics and Science as they improve the ability of higher-level thinking.

Delhi Public School provides training in a variety of disciplines in music and dance . DPS, Eldeco is gifted with dedicated and worthy teachers in the faculty of Dance and Music Departments , to ignite and sustain the creative spark in the students. The universal language of music and dance forms help students from across communities to bond and provide the perfect provision for the mind, body and soul.

Our school imparts different Dance -forms like - Indian Classical- Kathak, Indian folk, Western dance and fusion for the students to choose from . Students get the opportunity and exposure to take part in different activities and competitions like : Inter and Intra School Dance Competitions and State and National Level dance competitions.

Such activities enable the students to showcase their dance talent during Annual function, Special Assemblies ,Summer camps and on Fun Saturdays.

Music Department of our school is equipped with well tuned musical instruments like - drums, tabla, dholak, guitar, sitar, harmonium and synthesizers . Under vocalcategory there are variousstyles like- Western, Hindustani classical and light fusionfor the students to choose from. Music as well as dance benefits everybody in general, and every student, in particular.

The performing Arts often aim to express one’s emotions and feelings . Being an integral part of education ,DPS, Eldeco, undertakes the responsibility to engage the mind ,the body and emotions of students to allow them explore and express great themes and ideas through their performances.