Animation Academy

Animation is a new form of art, which uses technology to develop ideas for the creation of Moving Visuals. Today Digital Animation and VFX is used in Advertising, Web Designing, Television, Films, Gaming, Medicine, Training, Education, E-Learning, 3D visualization and Architecture etc. Another exciting area of application is the designing of games.

The programme at Superhouse Animation School is packed with interesting assignments, live projects and competitions which makes learning fun and exciting.

Superhouse Education Foundation in its endeavour, provides holistic education and proudly announces the launch of Superhouse School of Digital Animation, a vision of Mr. Mukhtarul Amin, Chairman-SUPERHOUSE EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

The Animation School, besides developing the right values and attitude in students, develops their sensorial skills and aesthetic sensitivity necessary for creative field. Our school boasts of a dedicated in-house team for content development which has created age appropriate curriculum, keeping in mind the profile of students. Besides this, we have an expert team for training the faculty on the curriculum implementation and latest development in the field of Animation.

In today’s era of globalization, creative thinking and problem solving are important attributes for success. Animation training provides the necessary direction, facilities and experience to develop creativity and thereby helps each individual to discover their own identity and potential. The child develops an understanding of multi-disciplinary nature of design and relationship of design with environment, culture, human senses and emotions.

Career opportunities

Animation Industry is growing rapidly and there is a constant demand for skilled professionals from both Indian studios as well as internationally outsourced projects. It thus opens up new vistas for students in the professional world.


  • Concept development and visualization
  • Teaching children how Stop Motion Animation technique works
  • Developing an understanding of editing software.
  • Understanding the basic concept of Frames and Animation