DPS Eldeco offers a safe and comfortable fleet of CNG buses for its students and teachers. The transportation system is well managed by the support staff. Each bus driver along with the conductor is well trained and well equipped respectively for any kind of contingency. The teachers accompany the students in the bus so they are well taken care of.

computer lab

There are Three Computer Labs well equipped labs with latest software and hardware, projection system and Internet connectivity.

smart classes

DPS Eldeco has technology oriented initiative by implementing Smart Classrooms and Digital smart classes which facilitate better comprehension and learning and reiterate the fact that technology is now an integral part of the school system.
The pandemic has accelerated the trends that were already in place .Digital skills are central, new sort of basic skills, deeply intertwined with digital learning are provided to DPS students.


Hybrid Library with separate sections for juniors, Seniors and teachers. Library holds a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources.

Dance Studios

There are Two Dance Studios with smooth floor covering, life size mirrors and advanced sound system for playing music via a Bluetooth enabled device.

Biology lab

Biology lab is well equipped with apparatus & equipments (as per CBSE norms) with specimens, microscope, etc. It is very spacious & enhances the learning of theoretical concepts. The Lab is fully equipped to teach students from classes VI to XII through preserved specimen permanent slides, chemicals, microscopes, charts & other glass apparatus required for experiments & demonstrations. The lab envisages model on Human Torso, Human Skeleton & model on various human parts which creates interest among students for study of human body & the living World.

Chemistry lab

Chemistry lab is well equipped with apparatus, equipments & chemicals (as per CBSE norms). It is well ventilated and spacious. Proper safety measures are taken to conduct the various equipments to enhance the students’ theoretical knowledge.Chemistry Lab is quite spacious ventilated and well equipped with all the required apparatus and chemicals. Lab plays an important role in making science activity and fun based learning rather than conceptual based. At a time 30-32 students can work in the lab. A Lab Attendant is always there for maintenance of the Lab.

physics lab

Physics lab is well equipped with all instruments as per CBSE norms and all the set-ups are always in working condition to ease the experimental practicing of the students. It is also spacious and well maintained with all parameters including cleanliness and neatness.The tiled walls and floors give the lab a very neat and elegant look. It is well equipped with all the latest and syllabus – prescribed equipment and apparatus which act as teaching aids and makes physics, activity based rather conceptual based. It is equipped with digital multi meters, semiconductor related apparatus .. Physics lab always takes the initiative for all activity based learning.

Math lab

Math’s Lab is well equipped with devices that help in the better understanding of the concepts . It helps in the overall development where concepts are cleared to the core.

Social Science Lab

The school has a well equipped social studies room cum laboratory. It is well equipped with equipment, apparatuses and material required for the subject, which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning. It provides a work room for the pupil-teachers because activities and the practical solution of problem characterize every unit or topic. The permanent display of important maps and globes, pictures and charts and constant reference to them by teaching is sure to make the teaching of social studies effective, lively and interesting.


Animation is a new admission of art, which uses technology to develop ideas for the creation of Moving Visuals. Today Digital Animation and VFX is used in Advertising, Web Designing, Television, Films, Gaming, Medicine, Training, Education, E-Learning, 3D visualization and Architecture etc. Another Exciting Area of application is the designing of games. The programme at Super house Animation School is packed with interesting assignments, live projects and competitions which makes learning fun and exciting. Students are trained to make creative use of latest software and state of the art machine.

Music Room

Separate Music Rooms for Traditional and Western Music are there. The Music Room is a spacious room with customized platforms for orchestra and choir rehearsals. The space is divided into a classroom area and a performance area.

Activity Room

For the activity class, the school has an activity room which is carefully designed for children to work on their art, craft, music, dance, and other indoor activities. Setting the right kind of environment inside the activity room can unleash the child’s creative energy.


Dps Eldeco boasts of beautiful area and sprawling playgrounds extending over a large area which includes a synthetic basketball court, football ground and separate grounds for tiny tots.


At DPS Eldeco we cater to specially designed sports programs in Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Skating, Table Tennis, Athletics, Martial Arts, Gymnastics (Taekwondo Judo & Karate) Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball and covered Swimming pool. We have best infrastructure for cricket that includes big and lush green cricket ground, standard match pitch practice pitches for net sessions, dedicated knocking zones, specialized training equipments etc. The academies have synthetic Basketball court & a separate arena for skating & Badminton.
Facilities: • Structured friendly matches on Weekends/Holidays
• Super house Tournaments
• Participation in local tournaments
• Participation in outstation tournaments
• Summer/ Winter Camp

Swimming Pool

DPS Eldeco initiates to adopt innovative format of co-curricular activities. Sustaining the fact, a vast swimming pool for the aquatic activities to be held in school.Swimming is a good all round activity that builds endurance muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. The benefits of aquatic excercises in the school curriculum ensures the holistic growth of child and improves physical activities and mental refreshment to boost energy to be bring more concentration in classroom tasks.


Eat Healthy and think better
If a child is getting hygienic and nutritious food he will serve best and do best in his/her life. We, at DPS believe that hygiene is the first priority in school’s canteen and that’s why a very neat and clean canteen is for our students, which serves A proper number of staff / employees are here to serve children and promised to follow all the standards mentioned for cleanliness in canteen area purely vegetarian food. We have a variety of food items at a reasonable prize and only those items which are easily digestible to children.


A qualified staff nurse is employed to provide nursing care to students with injuries or acute illness. A three bed infirmary along with first aid medicines and stretcher are provided to ensure adequate monitoring, first aid treatment or referral to physician in case of an emergency. Apart from assessment of health complaints, health screening, identification and prompt reporting of infectious diseases is also done. Time to time workshops are conducted to update the students and staff to follow healthy lifestyle practices.


An initiative by DPS ELDECO and Mrs Manisha Anthwal for promoting positive mental health and incorporating counselling based on psychological needs of students is a safety measure incorporated to ensure safe psychological environment .Issues such as exam anxiety, bullying, substance abuse, social media addiction, suicidal tendencies, identity crisis are addressed under the able guidance of our school counsellor .One to one confidential sessions are provided to help students identify any psychological crisis.


CCTV Cameras at all the vulnerable points have been installed. The school authorities have installed cameras in and around school premises for a vigilant surveillance and monitoring of the campus .The surveillance not only covers the school premises but the gates of the school also. Cameras have been installed around the school gates and the road too. Identifying, accessing, controlling, monitoring and footage backup is regularly maintained.