1. To showcase the talent of the students
  2. To spread awareness
  3. To enhance the creativity
  4. To encourage students to come with good ideas


DEFT has been formed to handle all multimedia and presentation work of School by teachers and students. Time to time, the team also makes movies and participates in various Film making competition.

Key Features

Students learn to handle camera, make videos and act/speak in front of cameras. This develop their confidence and ability to communicate better.

  1. Creating Presentation
  2. Creating Documentary
  3. Covering various activities done in School
  4. Film Making

Crew Members
Students Teachers

Tejassvi Chopra(Logo Designers)

Sumonto Guha

Esther Jena

Varnita Upadhyay (VFx Support)

Pradyumn Shukla

S.K Yadav

Rounak Tandon

Mohd. Islam

Vishuddh Jain

Vishal Singh


Neena Aghnihotri

Committee Members

  • DEFT Team

  • Nina mam explaining her idea to DEFT team

  • Varnitaupadhyay

  • Esther Saslit Jena
    Team Member

  • Pradyumna Shukla
    Team Member

  • Raunak Tandon
    Team Member

  • Visudh-Jain
    Team Member

  • Tejassvi Chopraa
    Logo Designer

Gold Medal – Swachh Bharat


To spread the importance of cleanliness and how it is equivalent to Gold

Youtube Link

Actors :- Mr. Mohan Singh, Mr. Saurabh Dixit, Mr. Sumonto Guha, Master Aditya Singhvi

Special Achievement

Certificate of Excellence from NFDC
(National Film Division Corporation)

Equal Opportunity


To spread the message that everybody should be considered equal and should not be discriminated on the basis of any phyisical disabilities.

Youtube Link

Students :- Shaurya Srivastava, Vasu Paliwal , Sakshi Rai, Riaa Yadav, Bhoomika Yadav, Ram Pravesh Chauhan, Abhay Singh

Swachh Sankalp se Swachh Siddhi


Short Film on the initiative taken by NCC students, Teachers, Students and all Staff under the Supervision of Principal Mam, Dr. Mrs. Deepti Dwivedi to keep the School and surrounding area clean and contribute in the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Youtube Link

Special Achievement :- The movie won Gold Medal in short film competition at National Level organized by NCC DIrectorate

Green Initiatives


To emphasise the importance of “Green Initiative” and highlight the steps taken by the school towards green initiative , in a very non-documentary way.

Youtube Link

The Script


To display and spread the work of Animation Classes and Facullty and creative talent of DPS Eldeco faculty through a thrilling and entertaining short film.

Youtube Link

DPS Eldeco Football Team


To display the young footballer talents of DPS Eldeco and their performance in Zone3 Football Tournament held at Ranikhet , Haridwar

Youtube Link


2) The Event Highlights of the DPS National Chess Championship organized by DPS Eldeco

3)IT Fest 2018 organized by DPS Eldeco